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ITRM is a progressive, industry leading centre for Chiropractic excellence based in Doncaster.

Dr Aidan Robinson is the Clinical Director and established ITRM over a decade ago.  He believes that Chiropractic care is for everyone and the more complicated the case the better!

ITRM is founded on the principal philosophies that; 

  1. We treat every single patient as if they were a member of our family
  2. The body, if given the right environment will heal itself
  3. Continuous and persistent self directed learning by our Chiropractors will enable us to lead the way in providing the best care for each and every patient that we see.

Just remember, when did you last get your teeth, eyes, hair looked at?

When did you last have your car serviced?

If you can answer these but don’t know when was the last time you had your spine checked then you may want to consider a visit to us.

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