Chiropractic for Pregnancy & your little ones….

As a parent we all know how we want to do the best for our children.

Not only in healthcare but all other avenues of our most precious possession. Here at ITRM we want to offer our help and advice so you can be as well informed as possible for your new arrivals.

In addition to looking at healthy eating options, maybe consulting a nutritionist, taking up pilates or yoga, think about a visit to us so that we can work with you and make sure that everything is in the correct place before birth.  

Treatment is always  gentle and will aim to ensure the pelvis is relaxed and that mother and baby have the best birth that they can.

So, while it is normal to hope for a natural, intervention and drug free birth, sometimes even the most natural birth and start to life can result in stress to a New-born’s delicate system.

Key signs to look for are excessive crying, wind that will not be passed from either end, constipation, reflux, positing, regurgitation/vomiting, failure to latch or feed well.

If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t worry.  

Our Chiropractors have seen many babies just like yours and we are committed to helping to get your baby back to full health as quickly as possible. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping to treat newborns and as always will be careful and considerate with your amazing new baby.

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