Corporate Chiropratic

Lost Business Revenue

We are all aware of how musculoskeletal injuries can affect us in the workplace. There are countless articles published in scientific journals and in the media about how much this costs industries every year, many quotes run into billions of pounds. Yet these are the visible costs quoted, the figures may not take into account hidden costs such as low morale, change in quality of life, lost experience etc.

Workplace Health Presentations

Chiropractic is now being recognised as a great solution, not only to treat these injuries when they occur, but due to the wealth of knowledge we have we can also come into the workplace to do presentations and ergonomic checks helping to prevent problems before they start. At ITRM we are actively involved in promoting a healthy workplace.

If you are interested in hearing about how we may be able to assist your business with our tailored presentations, please give us a call on 01302 760350 for an informal chat or fill out our contact form.

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